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Find and Buy is a free search service bringing you the best online stores in South Africa and Internationally.  Presenting the search results to you in a categorised, sorted, filtered way. This allows you to narrow down your results and make better purchase decisions. Your searches on Find and Buy won't contain International results if you search South African stores. International searches will also not include South African results (except Social Media search). Take it for a spin and see if it lives up to your expectations.


Find and Buy is a free customised search service  for South African & International Consumers.
Search cost free and buy directly from the retailers or stores you prefer.

Searches & Search Results

By using Find and Buy, you are using different types of Google Search Engines.

What's the difference?

Your searches are filtered per category and your results are filtered to South Africa.
International search is available to anyone. Searches are filtered to International results.

Community Support

Community based support and discussion platform available free of charge.

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