A note from the Author:

I designed this website with passion, long hours and I attempted to be as detailed as possible. The services and solutions this website provide is bound to either assist you in your daily life, enrich your online experience or open your mind to new possibilities.
I appreciate feedback and positive criticism. This allows me to improve and design and build better online experiences.
You are able to reach me for bug reports on our community platform or by directly sending an email. I also have a dedicated Facebook page for DrITC.com.

What is Electro Magnetic Spectrum and how did I decide on the name?
I imagined a Communication Agency and Technology Company that provides universal internet-based services and solutions. Most of my solutions offer improvement to other businesses and their online presence and marketing aspects.
The name is intended to embody the fact that just like the true electromagnetic spectrum, my business has the capability to extend worldwide. To provide services and solutions to people from all walks of life.
My slogan that the frequency is in us means to me that I have the energy, drive and ambition to keep on improving and make the best of every challenge I face.

Although the naming of the business is unconventional, I have to make it clear that I did not choose these names based on any religious viewpoints or even scientific evidence. The name of the business and those of my other solutions are purely for design and business development reasons.

dritc.com is just quite plainly an Information Technology and Communications Doctor. It is not usually abbreviated as ITC, but rather ICT. Due to my personal preference and inclusion into Electro Magnetic Spectrum, I decided on the ITC abbreviation.
You might see some funky and quite strange names for the services and solutions I provide.
Just bear in mind that even if there are some weird names being used, the quality, usefulness and capability of the products and services are intact.

Thank you for reading this overview and note regarding my design services and business practices.
I look forward to hearing back from you if you have any questions, quotation requests or other inquiries.

Kind regards,
Electro Magnetic Spectrum